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CBD is a derivative of industrial hemp. Depending on your metabolism, effects can vary. This deep penetrating topical rub may help and aid with the inflammation and relief from Bruised muscles and torn ligaments. May also help with relief from tight muscles, cuts, burns, headaches, dry skin, eczema, road rash, arthritis, Austro arthritis and many other ailments Jo Kamel CBD 360 It's made from a full spectrum CBD, Crystal Isolate, organic coconut oil organic Shea butter vitamin E, lavender and beeswax. CBD Is non-psychoactive and will not get you high.

This product was developed in Whistler by the developer after he hurt himself skiing. Around 10 months of using a variety of topical and oil capsules and getting some relief. He discovered the right combination and strength of CBD to make an effective topical that would work all by it's self. And now after 2 years of ski instructors, ski shop owner's, musician's, skiers and mountain biker's using this amazing CBD Topical it is time to let more individuals relieve themselves from their aches and pain with Jo Kamel 360.